That Time I Met Reggie

So, Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring. In my previous life I actually used to run into him all the time. He’s really tall, so it’s easy to spot him in a crowd, and he’s very approchable. I dug back into my archives and actually found the pics and story of the first time I met him in 2005. Here it is, thanks Reggie for being cool.

Kicking ass, taking names

September 22, 2005

Yeah so Reggie prolly could have kicked my ass and took my name. This picture was taken late at night, because our corp guys took Reggie out to dinner and he didn’t arrive till late. But true to his word, he did visit with us and signed autographs. I had given up on the guy after waiting around for hours. I decided to go to my room when Mariano called me. He said that he and senior Bub was going to order a pizza and asked me to bring my Xbox. After a few minutes of getting fragged in Halo, my boss called me. “Hey Reggie’s here, bring your DS to get signed”. I ran and ran trying to get back downstairs before he left. Liz pushed me to the front where I got my DS signed and this photo taken. He was cool, but had nothing nice to say about the PSP. I slid my psp in my pocket before I had the chance to talk to him. What an exciting night!

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