Getting Raspberry Pi to Work with a HDMI to Component Converter on a CRT TV

Quick guide on how I got this HDMI to Component converter from Amazon to work with my Raspberry Pi running Retro Pi.

So recently my father in law got this very nice Sanyo DS32225 CRT with component inputs.

I wanted to use it with a Retro Pi so I can retro game on a proper CRT. Raspberry Pi can natively output to composite, but the results on this TV weren’t as good as I would like. So I looked into getting component, YPbPr from the Pi. I quickly realized this is not native to the pi.

Out of the box, the Amazon converter does not work, but by altering the /boot/config.txt file on the pi, we can force a resolution through HDMI that the TV can recognize. I made the following changes. You can either uncomment the lines in the file or add to the bottom.


After save the changes and restarting the pi, the converter works and provides a beautiful output, rivaling actual arcade monitors. More info can be found here.

I hope this helps someone out there. I do have a love for CRTs that not everyone shares, but if this guide helped you, please let me know :))

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