Atari 2600 Paddle Nut Size

So this information didn’t exist anywhere on the Internet that I could find, so I’m posting it here.

 The nut that fastens an Atari 2600 paddle controller is 3/8 32. They are also used on electric guitars, I found mine at a music shop. Even better, they had some laying around in the back and gave me one for free. You can also order some on Amazon. If this information helps you like it did me, let me know in the comments, thanksssss.


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In Defense of the Burnout 3 Soundtrack

It seems that the whole of video games journalism seems to despise the soundtrack to Burnout 3: Takedown, claiming it to be the weakest link in an otherwise in a stellar 2004 GOTY candidate. That’s pretty much crap, it’s a nice time capsule of the time, full of emo-pop-rock that is now becoming nostalgic in our never ending pop/dance/rap world void of popular modern rock.

Danny’s GameCenter CX Episode Guide for

GameCenter CX without spam, pop-ups, or redirects!

Some HEROES started uploading the Something Awful GameCenter CX fansubs to! So I’ve compiled this list of links modified from to the new URLs over at so to avoid crappy ads.

There are a lot of episodes missing. If you have a good link to a stream from or any other streaming service that does not suck, please let me know in the comments.

Season 1

GameCenter CX – Taito/Takeshi No Chousenjou
GameCenter CX – Koei/Angelique Trois
GameCenter CX – Capcom/Steel Battalion Special
GameCenter CX – Roommania
GameCenter CX – Starforce
GameCenter CX – Astro Robo SASA
GameCenter CX – Galaga
GameCenter CX – Door Door
GameCenter CX – Triple Konami Challenge
GameCenter CX – Super Mario Bros 1 and 2 Special
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